Your new year style resolutions for 2018

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When it comes to new year resolutions, the norm can be somewhat predictable; eat well and exercise. While we’re advocators of this at all times, this January, why not kick start your year with some style resolutions. If you’d love to up your style game for 2018, here are our fun fashionable tips to see you stylishly through the year.

Perfect your go-to outfit

There’s no denying that life can be pretty busy and those days on-the-go require an outfit that works as hard as you do. For those mornings when you just don’t have time to plan an outfit, simplify things by opting for your go-to outfit. Use a combination of staples and on-trend pieces to ensure your look is far from basic. Each item of clothing should be something you feel amazing in and which can be dressed up or down and accessorised, according to the demands of your day.

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Photograph your fashion

With a wardrobe packed full of beautiful clothing, it can be easy to forget what you own! For those times that you effortlessly pull together an unexpected look, photograph it. Then, the next time you’re stuck for something to wear, flip through your photo gallery to be instantly reminded of all those amazing looks. Instant #styleinspo at your fingertips!

Take care of your clothing

We all have those days where we pull off what we’re wearing and leave it in a sad pile on the floor, or draped over the back of a chair, with the promise to hang it up soon. Think of clothing as an investment and you’ll soon change your perspective of it. As well as dry cleaning relevant items, take a little time to fold and hang clothes the way they need it. You’ll prolong their lifespan in the process.

Streamline your wardrobe

If your go-to look is skirts and trousers, it can begin to feel like a bit of a chore. Separates require thought and matching so every now and then, throw on a dress to break things up and save yourself tones of time. Plus, they take up little space in your wardrobe.

Style resolutions 2

Be curious about colour

If you’re someone who relies heavily on black, the perfect new year style resolution is to experiment with colour. Ease yourself in with a graphic, colourful accessory which combines neutrals with a pop of colour. From there, pull out the piece’s softest hue, and incorporate into your look by choosing a separate in the same tone.  Play around with colours, going a little outside of your comfort zone this year.

Always add accessories

If there’s one thing we preach, it’s the power of accessories. These small but mighty finishing touches will add your own unique spin to your outfit. Whether it’s an in-demand bag, statement necklace or on-trend earrings, add at least one accessory to every outfit this year to keep things interesting.

Style resolutions 3

Step outside of your comfort zone

This year, vow to step outside of your comfort zone and try at least one ‘bold’ trend. You may discover a new go-to item in the process.

Do a full clean out

Wardrobes, drawers, the works! Kick start your January with a full de-cluttering session. Look at each item and ask yourself: “Am I ever going to wear this again?” Be honest! If the answer is no, put it into a pile for donating to your local charity shop. At the end of it, you’ll only be left with clothing you love and which brings you joy.

Break the fashion rules

At Ariana Clothing, we’re firm believers in wearing what makes us happy, so we say, throw the fashion rules out the window. Wear suede in summer, skirts in winter and white whenever you want.

To kickstart your new year style resolutions, shop the Ariana Clothing collection here.

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